The leading and largest human resources Expo in Israel
The Human Resources Expo is produced by the International Expo Center, as part of the Israel Human Resources Conference, for the 23rd year. It serves as a professional highlight for those engaged in the core disciplines of managing the human resource in Israel.

The professional conference showcases new areas of interest and inspirational lectures for the enhancement of knowledge, increase of motivation as well as the management and personal success of the participants, and will focus on changes and innovation in the world of human resource management, organizational happiness, employee experience, training, employee recruitment and retention, and will include 4 content and subject matter tracks.

The Human Resources Expo is part of the agenda of the professional conference, and includes a suppliers conference which is the largest of its kind in Israel for organizational happiness, employee experience, solutions and ideas for the development of the human resource.

The Expo will be attended by HR VP’s as well as Welfare and Organizational Happiness Managers, who wish to explore products and services from select suppliers - from

well-founded and market leading suppliers, alongside brand managers up to cool startups offering solutions and services for managing the human capital, welfare and employee experience development, including holiday gifts, active recreation, company evets, catering, pension services, courses and learning aids, as well as products and services that have the potential of promoting organizational happiness - all under one roof! In addition, the Expo will be attended by HR suppliers and vendors, including recruitment and placement sources, instruction aids, courses and enrichment programs, vacation and tourism offers, a vast range of gift options for holidays, and purchasing special offers for employees. The Expo will include a magnificent display of solutions, products and services for events production, development of employee welfare, as well as products and services for management of the human capital.

The Expo creates and opportunity for business encounters and networking between HR Managers, Welfare Managers, Organizational Managers, Purchasing Managers and those responsible for labor relations, and leading suppliers. By that it paves the way for exploring and comparing products and services, receiving real-time response, and benefit from a vast range of offers and prices.

The Expo is produced by the International Expo Center under the joint management of Sigal Ben Zvi and Jacob Alloush.