The Israel Conference for Human Resources is the leading independent event of the human resources industry in Israel for 2024.

The Conference portrays an innovative agenda to the benefit of human resource professionals of all disciplines and sectors, and allows them to successfully navigate between varying protocols and policies of employment in the workplace, resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Conference is sponsorships-free, does not include any hidden advertisement or sponsored lecturers, and it offers 100% professional content!

The Israel Conference for Human Resources is where participants gain much needed insights towards decision making in managing the human resource, assists in promoting organizations, while supporting the unique present and future needs of each organization.

The main focus this year will be in driving the success of Human Resources Leaders upon the emergence from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Conference, which is dedicated to the people of the Human Resources Industry in Israel, offers an exceptional and unique professional experience. Participation is free of charge, but it is intended only for personally invited professionals.

The Israel Conference for Human Resources is a single-day event, which includes, as part of the agenda, a visit to a mega-size Supplier Exhibition for Human Resources, Organizational Happiness and Employee Experience.

The Suppliers’ Exhibition is an excellent opportunity for managers and buyers to explore thousands of products and services from hundreds of leading suppliers. Market leaders and innovative start-ups offer solutions for human resources and development of organizational happiness. All under one roof!