Privacy Policy and use of information provided by the registrant

The up-to-date Privacy Policy of ICX constitutes an integral part of the registration terms, the terms of use and the articles of conduct. Whereas the Privacy Policy may change from time to time, the registrant is hereby advised to revert and read from time to time the Privacy Policy document.

1. The browser in the website and/or the registrant to conferences is requested at the time of registration and/or at the time of filling the online form, including manual forms sent by fax, by SMS or by WhatsApp, to provide its details, such as: first name and surname, the name of the organization in which it is employed, its role in the organization, email address, the organization’s address, land line and mobile phones, as well as additional contact information as much as shall be required. 

2. In the event that the entity filling the form is a third party doing so on behalf of another registrant, it confirms and declares at the time of registration that it obtained the explicit consent of the registrant to provide its details, and that it brought to its attention the registration terms and the Privacy Policy of ICX.

3. Providing the abovementioned details by the browser in the website and/or the registrant or anyone on its behalf attests on its explicit consent to ICX being entitled to use the information provided by it and/or by anyone on its behalf, to send publications, advertising materials as these terms are defined in the instructions of section 30A to the Communication Act (Bezeq and Broadcasts), Hatashmab (5742)1982

4. The registrant will be able to revoke its consent at any time, and notify ICX by sending a refusal message by email to the following addresses:, by fax to number:

03-6949500, or by SMS and WhatsApp to number: 054-6432201.

5. There is no duty or law which bind the registrant to provide its details and/or any information whatsoever to ICX. However, without doing so, ICX is entitled to decline executing its registration and/or its participation in the conference/the Expo and/or to block its browsing of the website.

Database, giving information to a third party and information security

1. ICX collects and documents information on the manner in which registrants/website visitors participate in conferences, Expos or browse the website, such as types of conferences/Expos, pages visited, IP addresses from which they browsed the website or registered to conferences, etc.

2. The data provided by the registrants/website browsers, as well as the documentation specified in section 1, shall be kept in ICX’s database.

3. The use of this data, as well as the data that will provided by the registrants/the website’s browsers during the time of registration and filling of the forms, shall be done in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the instructions of any law, thus with the aim of enabling ICX to send to the registrants/the website’s browsers from time to time, in compliance with the instructions of Section 30A to the Communication Act (Bezeq and Broadcasts), Hatashmab (5742) - 1982, publications/notifications by email, by fax and/or by mobile phone, information regarding its services and products, as well as advertising information and information in relation to products and services of others, as well as for the purpose of direct mail services, as this term is defined in the Privacy Protection Act,

Hatashma (5741) - 1981.

4. ICX may forward or share this data with sponsors, exhibitors in Expos and lecturers. Moreover, ICX will be entitled to transfer the details of registrants/browsers of the website, including the information collected about the conferences in which they participated, or pages in which they visited to other companies or organizations associated with it by collaboration agreements, subject to ICX compelling them to use the information they shall receive only in accordance with the instructions of this Privacy Policy and the instructions of Section 30A to the Communication Act (Bezeq and Broadcasts), Hatashmab (5742) - 1982 and/or according to the Privacy Protection Act, Hatashma (5741) - 1981.

5. ICX maintains information security protocols and protections for its computer systems, and acts to block penetration of un-authorized entities to its servers. ICX does not commit that its websites and/or computers will be completely protected from un-authorized entries, including which un-authorized access to information entered by registrants/ website visitors.