The International Conference & Expo Center

The International Conventions Center was founded in 1990 and serves as an organizational hub for a broad range and fascinating activity, starting from initiation and production of conferences, conventions, seminars
and professional courses, up to launch events and production of large-audience commercial conferences.

For years, The International Conventions Center has been at the top of training and production companies in Israel. Beyond the hundreds of training activities and the events it initiates, it offers its expertise and experience to the benefit of its clients, including for the purpose of putting together internal training programs, customer events, employee events, team building workshops, bootcamps, conferences, promotional events and Marcom services.

The Center’s team works hand-in-hand with the clients in identifying the needs, defining the concept, marketing, recruitment of sponsorships, positioning, customizing the location, segmentation and location of the audience up to the successful execution of each project.

The International Conventions Center has a long and extensive gallery of lecturers, experts, experienced producers, marketing staff and collaboration agreements with leading suppliers and sub-contractors.
The company prides itself on a list of hundreds of organizations and companies from every industry and market sector as its satisfied clients.

The International Conventions Center is headed since its foundation by Mrs. Sigal Ben-Zvi and Mr. Jacob Alloush, who also serve as Co-CEO’s.