Reception, admission and organization procedures

Exhibitors preparations in the exhibition hall at the Expo is scheduled for Monday – February 25, 2024 Reception of exhibitors will start at 15:00. The entrance to the exhibition hall (booth 10) will be possible through administration gate no. 1 and supplier gate no. 4 of Ganey Ha'Taarucha (Isaac Ramba Street, the entrance from Rokach Boulevard).

To unload your vehicle, you must arrive at the operation gates of booth 10, located on both sides (western and northern) of the booth.

Exhibitors with light equipment can use the visitor entrance at the front of booth 10.

At the end of unloading, move your vehicle to the nearby parking lot (P2, P3 parking lots) to allow access to other exhibitors.

Exhibitors are entitled to free parking on the day of the event (for one-time entry and exit) 

(Preparations will not be possible on the exhibition day, February 26, 2024 , after 08:00).

Click here for a map and directions to the Tel Aviv exhibition grounds.

Specifications of display facilities Business Stand includes

• Uniform front sign bearing the company name

• Power outlet (800 watts 16 amps)

• 1 chair

• A display counter with a storage compartment

Business Stand measurements:

Floor area: 3 square meters (150 cm long, 200 cm deep)

Length (counter): 96 cm

Depth: 40 cm

Hight: 56 cm

Panel (wall): 96 cm

Upper signage: 20 cm high 100 cm long

A built (modular) booth includes:

• Side and back wall(s) painted white (corner booth will be open on both sides)

• Uniform front sign bearing the company name (In a corner booth, the sign will appear on each front)

• Spot lighting for every running meter in the front • Power outlet (800 watts 16 amps)

• Two chairs

• Two shelves with hanging hooks

• A display counter with a storage compartment (a corner booth is entitled to two counters)

Booth measurements

Floor area: According to the order size

Booth height: 246 cm

Panel (wall): 96 cm

Upper signage: 20 cm high. Length according to the booth front

Counter: 96 cm long 40 cm deep, 56 cm high

Exhibitors sharing a booth with a partner will receive a back wall, front panel, electrical outlet, two shelves, one chair, a display counter, and lighting.

Exhibition area (unbuilt booth) includes:

Floor area according to the order size The exhibitor in this area is requested to set up his display on the marked site only (you may order the exhibition equipment)

• Self-construction must comply with the safety standards and obtain approval from a safety engineer

Guarding, Security and Insurance Services

All equipment and goods must be carefully watched during preparation and during the fair. You must notify the organizing company or the on-site security officer upon completing your preparations. 

Seal off your booth front with a sheet of plastic or fabric covering the entire booth front to keep people out of the booth area.

(We do not recommend leaving goods in unbuilt display areas such as tables and counters).

Packaging and goods can be stored in a central warehouse. We can store expensive equipment for you on-site in the organizing company's offices.

The exhibition hall will be closed at the end of the preparations day, and entry will be prohibited. The organizing company will supply security to the exhibition hall premises, the warehouse, and the offices during off hours when the Expo is closed to the public. However, due to the nature of the event, the organizing company will not be liable for insurance or covering damages of any kind caused to the exhibitor.

It is the exhibitor's responsibility to insure their goods and displays against all types of risks, by third-party insurance, including employer's liability, to their employees and anyone on their behalf, for the entire duration of the Expo, including during transportation, preparation, and unloading.

Display, locking and disassembly procedures

We invite Expo visitors to visit according to their organizational affiliation (Trade Unions, HR managers, procurement). Furthermore, each group is invited to visit during different visiting hours to avoid congestion and ensure a steady flow of visitors throughout the day.

The Expo will open to the public on Monday, February 26, 2024, at 8.00 AM. Exhibitors must be at the booth starting at 7.30 AM and finish setting up no later than 8.00 AM.

The Expo will close to the public on Monday, February 26, 2024, at 3 PM. Visitors attending the exhibition hall at that time will be allowed to complete their visit. Dismantling the exhibition and removing all goods and displays from 3.30 PM 

Remove all goods and displays through the same manner in which they were brought in (through the North Gate and the West Gate). This gate will open close to the Expo’s closing time. Disassembly and removal of goods will be possible only after visiting hours.

Refreshments and Parking Services

Refreshments and parking services at Expo Tel Aviv during the exhibition will be sold at discounted rates.

Click here for a discounted parking voucher for NIS 39 (instead of NIS 70 ):

Click here for a discounted breakfast voucher for NIS 32 (hot/cold beverages and pastries):

 Click here for a discounted LUNCH BOX voucher (incl. a sandwich, one beverage, and fruit) for NIS 42:

Exhibitor services in the exhibition area

Exhibition area call center for exhibitors: 054-6432205 

The offices of the organizing company: Tel: 03-6949555 Fax: 03-6949500 

The call centers will operate only on the days of the exhibition. 

The Expo address: Ganey HaTa'arucha, Rokach Ave. Tel Aviv, booth 10 

Tel. Expo Tel Aviv: 03-6404444

Final payment

Please do so immediately if you haven’t settled your full participation fee. We accept credit card payments. Please use the form on this instruction page. 

You must pay the full participation fee before entering the exhibition area and even for preparations.  Unfortunately, we cannot process payments at the Expo. 

We accept payment at the company's offices at 3/B Hanechoshet Street, Tel Aviv. 

To pay by credit card, please download the form and email it to or send it to fax no. 03-6949500


• Exhibitors’ organization at the Expo: Sunday- February 25, 2024, from 2-9 PM

• Public Visiting Hours: Monday- February 26, 2024, from 8.30-3 PM

• Closing of the Expo and dismantling displays: Monday- February 26, 2024, from 4-8 PM

List of visitors and participants of the professional conferences

Each exhibitor will receive the list of registered visitors recorded at the early registration and the Expo’s information desk.

We wish you a fruitful and successful Expo!