Useful Tips on how to succeed at the Expo

Actions for a successful display By Sigal Ben Zvi, The Director of the Expo

Exhibitions and conferences are not only professional meeting places for professionals. They are an essential pillar in a company's business activity and an excellent way to expand the circle of customers and sales potential.

Participation in an exhibition or conference allows exposure to new customers, strengthening business relationships with existing customers, identifying and getting to know competitors, and meeting directly with representatives and distributors of the industry.

The activity at exhibitions, in crowded spaces, makes it possible to take advantage of many opportunities within a short time span. However, we must remember that exhibition visitors visit many exhibitors and review many products and other temptations. Therefore, exhibit correctly in order to ensure business success.

Exhibitions and conferences are also excellent for establishing mutual relations with businesses and companies. Therefore, it is vital to prepare for this activity as well.

Sigal Ben Zvi, the director of the Expo and a veteran of the organizers of the professional exhibitions in Israel, presents tips and ideas that will drive your success at the suppliers' exhibition and any conference you choose.

The recommended actions before the conference

Send invitations to customers, suppliers and business partners before the exhibition date (by direct mail, fax, e-mail and telephone)

To ensure that your invitation is accepted, give them an incentive to come by adding a gift certificate.

If you intend to make sales on site, we recommend making arrangements to accept payment by credit card at the booth, including invoices and receipts.

Make sure you have a team of people who will help you set up, operate, and dismantle the exhibition. Define roles for them throughout the day of the show, such as distributing flyers, handling customers, documenting leads, and handing gifts and samples.

Booth design and display

Plan an attractive design for your booth. We recommend covering the booth backdrop with a solid color and inspirational sticker to attract people's attention. For example, warm colors, such as red and yellow, attract more attention than cool colors.

Lighting will help color the booth's atmosphere and distinguish it from other booths in the vicinity.

Cover the counter with a tablecloth and place an item that adds depth to the standard table; it will work wonders and help them stand out.

If the display space allows it, place a plasma screen to project presentations to show how you can benefit from your products or use your services. It is essential to be creative and produce an attractive and intriguing presentation, that includes narration or music. (Ensure visitors can hear the sound without disturbing other and nearby booths).

(By the way, if you use original videos from the manufacturer, it's important to remember to insert images of your company's name and logo as part of the presentation).

Highlight the flagship products on a large poster that can be hung or pasted on the booth's background.

If there is room on the booth walls but a small budget, use a desktop printer to create signage and advertising templates.

Sales Promotion

Try interactive sessions in the booth. Interactive activities give people a feel for the products while having fun. It leaves a lasting impression on customers.

Don't stand around and expect visitors to visit your booth. To attract an audience to your booth, prepare a comprehensive plan to attract visitors' attention, and use the time while they wait to talk with the sales reps for exposure and sales promotion.

It is much easier to promote orders or leads that will bring you sales in the future, giving samples, products, and free gifts. People like a chance to win something for free, it's human nature.

If you want to be original, offer visitors to the booth something a little different. Food items, snacks and sweets are usually a hit.

Marketing and Sales

When preparing promotional flyers and business cards to hand out to visitors passing by or stopping by your booth, use clean and attractive graphics that respectably present your business or products. Most people who visit trade shows expect to take home brochures and information sheets.

Prepare a short sales pitch that you can recite to people who come or are interested in the products or services you offer at your booth.

It is important to be friendly and welcoming. Say hello to those who turn and look in your direction or the direction of the booth. Start the conversation with a short opening pitch you prepared in advance!

Keep your body language friendly, don't stand with your arms crossed over your chest. Have a conversation with the booths visitors, and find out what interests them. Be prepared to offer specific answers to their questions. The trick is drawing them in without scaring or overwhelming them with boring information.

Prepare "carrots" to entice customers to talk to your sales reps and be interested in what they offer.

Give the visitor an incentive: Make sure you give visitors a reason to visit your booth. People need an incentive to come to your booth in a hall full of fascinating products and services, when there are time constraints.

Prepare promotional products with your logo and contact details. Promotional products should include pens, flashlights, or small notebooks, which are easy to carry and convenient to use, guaranteeing long-term exposure and advertising.

Offer booth guests a personal gift. People like a chance to get something for free. So they will be willing to sign up or fill out questionnaires. As a result, not only will you attract people to your booth, but you can build a database of potential customers to whom you can sell and market over time.

Offer secondary prizes in addition to personal gifts, and sales promotion items. Secondary prizes are valuable to you as a promotional and free advertising opportunity. A logo printed on shirts, hats, clocks or other useful items will do the trick.