A zone for marketing culture and leisure

HR Expo - Tel Aviv Expo - July 24, 2024 

A platform for marketing products and services for workplaces, groups and organizations.

The Expo serves as a mega-size  suppliers’ conference that creates business opportunities to offer products and services, collect new leads, and engage with high-budget buyers. 

This year, the Expo takes place in tandem with the famous Trade Unions Expo, which doubles exhibitor exposure and allows extraordinary sales opportunities.

We have a special zone for production companies and entertainment, cultural and leisure events.

 Production companies and organizers of entertainment, cultural and leisure events can promote their products to institutional buyers. These include Trade Unions, HR managers, wellness and employee experience managers, as well as purchasing managers. We expect more than 2,000 visitors and group buyers at the Expo.

Exceptional business opportunities - don’t miss out.

The Human Resources Expo is an established business institution. It is a very convenient platform for offering products and services, collecting new leads, and engaging with high-budget buyers. We invite Trade Unions, Wellness Managers, HR managers, institutional buyers, purchasing managers and visitors to previous Trade Unions Expos to this event.

Expo date: July 24, 2024  

At Expo Tel Aviv Convention Center, Booth 10

Related professional conventions

Three professional Expo’s will take place as part of the conference: The Work Relations Conference, the Israel Conference for Human Resources, and the Israel Conference for Institutional Procurement.  These conferences guarantee a high-quality, professional audience who will spend longer visiting times at the Expo.

Production companies, marketers of entertainment events, artists' agents, entertainment facilities operators, and promoters of cultural or leisure shows. Market to HR managers, employee experience managers, Trade Unions, and employees. Take part in the conference and reach many potential buyers. Promote business relationships in your industry.

For details and registration for exhibitors, call us at: 1800-555200 or click here

Early Bird registration offers discount prices for the different exposure models: 

A business stall at NIS 6,930 (Full price NIS 7,200)

 A small display booth (4 square meters) at NIS 8,720 (Full price NIS 9,810)

 A small display booth (6 square meters) at NIS 10,800 (Full price NS 13,500) 

Display booths in different sizes at NIS 1,800 per square meter (Full price NIS 2,250) 

Prices do not include VAT*

 • The price is valid until the end of early registration November 30, 2023   

• For the technical specifications of each display type, click on the display type

For the Map of booths at the big exhibition click here 

For the booths map in the Conference hall click here 

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